नमस्ते I am Saurabh Sharma.
Freelance Javascript and PHP Developer who loves to watch Batman.

What can I work with?


I have created a javascript library called sp.js for UI based on material design principles. This is the first programming language I learned and have been learning the same for over 4 years now.


From using composer autoloader to raw php code. I have written complete web applications with the language. Either it's database related application or OOP based framework or simply managing images with Intervention Image.


I have been using this for about a year now. I've made vue apps using CDN, Nuxt.js and Vue cli. My recent projects are completely made with Vuejs. I have used Vuex, VueRouter and firebase.


Started learning this back in December 2018. I can say I am pretty much in between "an intermediate" to "an expert" level programmer for this framework. I love the easiness it brings into organising code and one step installation.


So you wanna work with me?

I live in New Delhi. If that isn't in your reach, I can surely work as remote developer. Leave an email to or call me at +91 81304 68656.

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